The Game's got jokes for days. The West Coast MC is currently embroiled in a beef with Philly native Meek Mill, which has churned out allies in Beanie Sigel and Drake (unsurprisingly), while other rappers like Nipsey Hussle and Ty Dolla $ign refuse to take sides, instead encouraging the two MCs to sit down and resolve their issues like men.

Yesterday, Beanie Sigel delivered a pretty eloquent rant against Meek, with Meek later responding on Instagram with a possible text message exposing Beanie (although the sender's name wasn't included so really, it could be anyone's text message). In the midst of this, The Game has continued to go in on Meek or 'Meeky Mouse' as he so fondly refers to him, on Instagram. Yesterday's Instagram post showed two mice being hung by their necks, tagging Meek and Omelly respectively. Today's post happens to be a PUMA parody, as The Game promotes "Air Ratatouille" sneakers, which are essentially, dead mice carved out into sneakers.

Take a look at the Instagram post below. Cop or nah?