The Game has vowed to post "One Nip Post A Day Til I Fade Away," or at least that's what he's professed in hashtag on his latest Instagram post about Nipsey Hussle. The Compton rapper is still grieving the unexpected loss of his friend, and just a few hours ago Game shared a photo of himself and Nipsey in the studio. Game says that he's working on mixing their collaboration and took the time to share a bit about the friendships in hip hop that go beyond color, gang-affiliations, and street codes. He also used his moment to drop some knowledge about the evolution of gang culture, specifically in L.A. neighborhoods, and how they've evolved into something that they weren't intended to be.

"Our last time in the studio puttin’ finishing touches on the record we got together. My n*gga threw up 60’s so much, you had to throw yo sh*t back up just so you wasn’t over-powered by his," Game wrote. "When we grew up, it wasn’t ever kool to kick it with no crips if you was bloodin’ & vice versa.. but when @SnoopDogg embraced me when I came in the game it brought a new understanding of how REAL n*ggas separated themselves from the confinement of what LA gang bangin was at that time which was far away from its origin of peaceful protective groups formed in the 1960’s."

David McNew/Getty Images

"A few fights then turned into murder (Research Raymond Washington & Sylvester Scott on the internet for the history) & gang bangin would then take a turn down a road in which the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, Long Beach & other cities are still trying to recover from," Game continued. "There’s a deeper explanation, education & understanding that I can bring those who are unaware & misinformed about gang life in totality but that’s another day."

"Circling back around to where I started...I was just saying how dope it was to be able to break the color lines to which we were loyal to, to show the world that a crip & blood could tour the world together, create a friendship & bond that would serve as an example for the next generation of young African American kids growing up in the same darkness. Snoop showed me & I was happy to return the love when I met Nip & show him the same. I might be rambling on or not making sense to some or all this might touch somebody & make perfect sense to all.... in the end, What I’m really saying is I miss my n*gga dearly !!! What a pure soul."