Back in March, we reported that The Game was involved in a brawl during a Pro-Am basketball game in L.A., allegedly punching an off-duty LAPD officer in the face and threatening to kill him. Now, he's being charged with a felony offense for the incident. 

TMZ reports that the L.A. County D.A. has charged The Game with one count of "making criminal threats" for allegedly saying "I'm going to kill you" verbatim to the officer. He wasn't charged with battery, which would've been the usual case for this sort of altercation, and would've only garnered him a misdemeanor offense. A warrant's now out for The Game's arrest.

According to sources that spoke to TMZ, the rapper's claiming that he didn't make the threat, and that the cop "insinuated he had a gun in his gym bag."

Stay tuned for updates.