Nearly thirteen years ago in January of 2005, The Game made his debut with The Documentary, his first release under a major label.

Three months later it would go Double Platinum and secure The Game's place as a key firgure in the resurgence of West Coast rap.

Memorably, The Documentary's artwork featured himself as he cradled his son and first born Harlem, and serves as one of Hip-Hop's most recognizable album covers.

This year, Harlem, an infant the time, graduated from the 8th grade, and "proud father" is an understatement. A string of photos celebrating his accomplishments is testament to the fact.

The most recent of the photos posted on The Game's Instagram was an endearing shot of the rapper holding his son in a clear effort to mirror the shot taken for his 2005 debut.

"Inside my 1st album.... he weighed about 20 lbs.... wasn't nothing to pick him up, hold him & stop his tears.... now he 6 foot tall & weigh damn near as much as me," he wrote ina loving caption. "...oh the joy of being a daddy is something I've always wanted to share with the world.... my relationship with him is so fuckin dope.. that's literally my nigga (Denzel voice) 😂😂😂😂😂...."

"from #TheDocumentary baby to my almost 14 year old honor roll, valedictorian 8th grade graduate..... Shit, I'm just so proud of my boy y'all don't even know man...... now here we come with 9th grade in September 😱😱😱... highschool, we talkin highschool.... not middle school, highschool (Iverson voice)... he's ready but I'm not...."

"I want my Lil son back lmaooooo... Bam Bam, yo daddy love you bruh.... to death... & I'd give my life in an instant to ensure yours is worry free !!!! Lil game growin up on us mannnnnn..... fuckkkkkkkk lol #Congratulations again boy (DC young fly voice) 😂😂😂I love you - Daddy."