The Game's Canadian fans haven't been able to see the rapper perform in the flesh over the past thirteen years due to his criminal record. He recently announced that he'll be making his journey to Canada this winter for a cross-country tour. However, the rapper took to Instagram to he has canceled his performance an Edmonton nightclub after the death of a young man who was forced to leave the bar on a freezing night.

The Game took to Instagram to announce that he has canceled his performance at The Ranch Roadhouse in Edmonton. The rapper revealed that several of his fans in the Canadian city sent him DM's informing him on the death of 20-year-old Mohamed Abdi. The rapper said the staff and security exhibited "negligent & heartless behavior" that resulted in Abdi's death.

"I am no longer going to perform at The Ranch Roadhouse due to the negligent & heartless behavior by security & staff who did not follow "Pro-Serve" (serving alcohol) policies, that led to the death of Mohamed Abdi less than a month ago," The Game wrote. "After being kicked out while intoxicated & not in the right mind state, he froze to death & his lifeless cold body was found the next day under a truck where he sought shelter because of the freezing temperature."

He added, "I stand in full support of my Edmonton fans & their petition & here as stated above, forfeit the money that was given & hereby withdraw myself from my performance at that venue."

The rapper said that he'll continue to try and find another venue to perform at in Edmonton. "If I cannot, then we will all have to sacrifice that night in Mohamed "Mo" Munye Abdi's name as well as Tyler Emes who died a year before," he wrote.

Peep the full post below.