Drake and Nick Minaj's Tuesday photo op reunion with Lil Wayne had Twitter in stitches. Several users poked holes in Meek Mill's already shaky public persona. The Game delivered a most savage blow to the Philly rapper's ego when he reposted the pic with a captioned lifted straight from Drizzy's Meek diss track "Back to Back," with a few alterations.

"I don't wanna hear about this ever again. Not even when she tell em that we better as friends," the caption reads. The L.A. emcee further drags Meek calling Drake "Twenty 6 SAVAGE." 

The Game himself feuded with Meek last year. Even Nicki dragged him on Twitter, reposting her loyal followers' best barbs.

Drakepromised never to perform "Back to Back" again days before Minaj went public about the breakup. Coincidentally, in the diss track, the TDot rapper spits that he won't mock Meek when Nicki leaves him. Drake-stradamus also predicted on "Miss Me" that someday he would end up wifing the Queens rapper. Only time will tell.