It looks like The Game & Waka Flocka had some choice words for one another on Instagram Wednesday afternoon.

It all started this morning, when Waka Flocka posted a clip on IG expressing his displeasure for how “rappers” have been acting following the death of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile. Waka went on to say he felt many of the rappers have been disingenuous with their actions, and called them out for acting like models, posting dick prints on IG, but yet trying to lead their community at the same time. 

“They fucking models on Instagram showing their bodies and dick prints,” Waka said in the first video. His second post (see below) also included the line, “I’m not finna be doing no black peace treaties when I can’t stop a nigga dying in my hood.”

With that said, The Game believed Waka’s comments were aimed at him, especially considering he just ran a gang summit in LA with Snoop Dogg and has been known to awkwardly post dick prints on IG. Not being able to keep quiet, The Game clapped back at Waka on IG just hours later, calling him out for losing his girl & catching herpes.

Of course, Waka caught wind of The Game’s response, and responded back with disappointment that The Game would think he’d send shots on IG. Waka stated…

“That’s really crazy Game. You really fed into this Internet instigating. You got homies. I got homies. They all know each other. Like if you felt I was even talking bout you, you shoulda called me my nigga. I wasn’t even talking bout you. How many niggas posed with they shit out? I’m just saying shit that happened. But if you were on positive vibes, you would’ve called me on some positive shit instead of being real commercial and comical about it. Turning this shit into some kind of war. This is real positive vibes. I’m not mad at you homie. But just know you fed into what the blogs wanted.”

All this appears to be another case of miscommunication & hopefully isn't that serious. Check out the back & forth exchanges and let us know what you think.