When a beef has stretched this long on social media, it's bound to get weird and complicated. Since last night, The Game and Meek Mill have been going back and forth over Game's claim that he pulled up to get a Philly cheesesteak in Meek's North Philly neighborhood. 

It all started when Game posted an Instagram picture of a sandwich from Max's Cheese Steak, a spot Game had been told to go after he hit up the more touristy Geno's in South Philly last week. Obviously, the post was meant to signify that Game was posted up in Meek's territory, but quickly, the legitimacy of the rapper's posts was called into question.

Employees at the Max's location made a point of denying that the rapper ever entered the restaurant, but it wasn't long before Game posted a Snapchat from the area to prove he'd been there. At this point, Meek Mill began to slide into the comments and joke about the alleged fraudulence of the rapper's posts, writing "Ya edited ya voice in somebody video... OMFG... you hurting yaself more carry on you killing yaself lol."

😴😴😴😴 only so long fake thugs can pretend...

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This nigga #meesha side bitch @tak215 gone show up 3 hours after we bounce talkin bout niggas ain't come there.... boy if you don't take yo fat black ass to sleep & get some rest so u can wake up early & wash meesha nuts for eem'..... tell you what, since you so tuff... you square up wit @Wack100... #McMumbles square up wit @BwsByrd & me & Lil meesha can catch our fade..... all that funeral talk u doing on ya gram ain't scaring nobody & its gone back fire on you #DickChasers #PhillyYallGotRatsMakinYallLookBad & yall ain't gotta worry bout @akademikstv πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ I'll do it this time !!!! #HowMuchYouGiveThemToSayWeWasntTherePussy #WeWasntInSouthPhilly #WeWasntInNorthPhilly #GuessWeGhostsThen #Foh πŸ€ #iFuckWitPhilly #iJustHateRats

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Ballerific Comment Creepin ---- πŸŒΎπŸ‘€πŸŒΎ #meekmill #commentcreepin

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So it seems the conflict between the two rappers is far from over. This latest back-and-forth follows an interview with Beanie Sigel in which he suggested he had been called in to help with lyrics on Meek and Omelly's diss track, "OOOUUU." According to Game, there was a physical altercation between Meek's team and Beanie Sigel at the Bad Boy reunion show in Philly.