The Game is gigging at Drai’s Dubai on Friday, during what appears to be a golden age for hip hop in the UAE. I'm referring to rap promoters booking acts, I am in no shape or form describing a grass roots hip hop movement in Dubai. We might be a few years away from seeing anything of the sort.

To mark the occasion, The Game flew in a couple days early to take in the sites and uber-riche commodities that Dubai provides its visitors. The Game also tapped Fred Frenchy as his travel buddy. The unlikely pair can be seen posing for a selfie on an All-Terrain Vehicle via The Game's Instagram. Behind them the desert skyline outlines a period after sunset and before darkness, perfect for Baja Buggies and swerve lines. 

The Game, always one to break tension, makes a minor quip about Kevin Hart's height, relating it to the shortness of our lives (carpe diem?). Fred Frenchy, picture beside him, is barely recognizable in his Keffiyeh, which continues to be the head wrap of choice in temperate environments such as the Arabian Desert. I'm going to give The Game the benefit of the doubt, even though the picture looks doctored AF.