The Game got himself into some trouble a week ago when he was in the club and decided to make a drunk-as-hell Instagram post in which he praised the immediate effects of EFFEN vodka. He then reflected upon his relationship to EFFEN's owner, 50 Cent, and wrote that before their fallout over 10 years ago, he and the G-Unit boss "used to be tight as @Kehlani pussy," making an effort to tag the young R&B singer in his vulgar comparison. Unsurprisingly, Kehlani was not flattered by the namedrop, and she quickly snapped back on her own IG, firing off several angry hashtags, including "YourLackOfRespectForWomenIsShowing." 

It seems that Game has since reached out to Kehlani and apologized for his drunken obscenities. And he even invited her to the studio. Last night, Game put up another Instagram post -- this time a video of him and Kehlani chilling in the studio -- thus confirming that the beef has been squashed. "Ain't no beef bih," said Kehlani in her best Plies impression. 

Fortunately, this short-lived beef could end up in a fresh collaboration. Stay tuned for new music from The Game and Kehlani.