TMZ caught up with The Game and asked him straight away for his thoughts on the Rich the Kid home invasion story. The Compton rapper was feeling responsive and friendly when he answered, "Rich the Kid need to call me." Figuring he's out there by his lone, the ATL rapper could pick up a few pointers in self defence or dare I say, mere posturing.

The Game described himself as 6"5, 260lbs, pulling up in a red Bentley like easy prey, but the distinguishable difference between him and a mark.. well he didn't exactly say. Proverbs like "proof is in the pudding" don't exactly inspire confidence. But he did offer Rich the Kid his word: "Call Game all that sh*t disappear."

The Game also inferred that 21 Savage was smart to keep burner close to his side. The "Red Opps" rapper recently pulled out a firearm after tempers flared at a pool party in Georgia. 21 Savage apparently produced his weapon in protest of a few uninvited guests making their way through the back entrance. Of all the nuggets of wisdom dispensed by Jayceon this go-around, "People get out of jail, people don't get out of caskets," is the most quotable and salient by far.