This morning, Birdman gave us a healthy dose of drama by pulling up and then quickly backing out of his interview with The Breakfast Club, all within the span of two minutes. The Cash Money bawse has made headline after headline when it comes to his lawsuit/beef with Lil Wayne, and beyond that, we've seen several other lawsuits stemming from other unpaid and unhappy artists on his label. Birdman hasn't really spoken much on the controversy that surrounds him, (although he did do an interview with Angie Martinez that revealed absolutely nothing), instead, he continues to sign new artists to Cash Money.

Today he was scheduled to have an interview with The Breakfast Club. They're not shy about discussing controversial topics, so you could bet Charlamagne Tha God was prepared to ask about all of the Birdman/Cash Money rumors, however first, Birdman had to get something off his chest. Put some respek on his name. The tension in the room was visible from the jump, however it seemed as though Baby was going through with the interview when he sat down-- not for long though, as soon as Charlamagne started to question why he insisted on pulling up to a radio show rather than an artist like Rick Ross, who publicly spoke out against how Birdman is handling his business, Birdman was off. 

The internet is going crazy with this two minute clip, and artists are joining in the fun. Take a look at how various hip-hop artists are reacting to Birdman's interview (or lack thereof) below. If somehow you haven't seen the clip, watch it below.