G-Eazy and Halsey are back in the gossip mill. The musical pair seemed to be perfect for each other through the eyes of the public. They looked pretty much smitten with each other in every photo, candid or otherwise, and spoke highly of each other as well. In Halsey’s Marie Claire’s cover story, when asked about G-Eazy, she detailed how serious things were: “He’s out of his fucking mind. I love everything about him.” She talked about how they felt their romantic connection immediately, despite not acting on it,  â€œWe both knew right away. We just didn’t act on it.”

The two collaborated on a song released in December, “Him & I” and then made it official in September. They never failed to serve us couple goals as they shared their relationship adventures on social media. Although the two split up in July, there are rumours of a reunion, after they were spotted leaving a VMAs after-party together, holding hands. While they have not yet revealed if they are in fact back together, here are some of their cutest moments as a couple.

Let's start at the end. Here's the last picture G-Eazy posted of the two gracing the MTV Movie Awards together.


That time they slayed their Dubai trip.


How cute are they?


When Gerald admired Halsey as a beautiful Queen on International Women’s Day (no G-Eazy pictured but still very cute).


The perfect pair.


The simple yet overwhelmingly sweetness of his Valentines Day post to her.


The caption explains itself.


People only dream to look this perfect in the snow with their significant other.


Here, G-eazy clearly explains his love. 


Gatsby and Daisy. The couple absolutely killed Halloween with their couple costumes.


This is what love in NYC looks like. The couple stopped in a local bodega and snapped a quick shot of them showing their affection for the gram.


Back in 2017, when they were the 2017 Bonnie and Clyde.