Last night proved to be an eventful one, when we learned that Lil Boosie was finally a free man. All the internet rejoiced, and fans of the Baton Rouge native began to come out of the woodwork, just in time to celebrate his freedom.

Boosie's rap sheet dates back to 2009 when he pled guilty to a third-offence marijuana possession charge, for which he was sentenced to two years in prison. However, it didn't end there, because in 2010 the rapper was once again under scrutiny when he was indited on first-degree murder charges, although he eventually got off on those charges. Nonetheless, in 2011, the rapper attempted to smuggle drugs into jail, and was sentenced once more to eight years behind bars.

Although Boosie Badazz was supposed to do four more years behind bars, he must have been on his best behavior in prison, because he got out early. He'll remain on probation until 2018.

Many fans took to Twitter following the big news, which resulted in some hilarious tweets concerning the rapper's release. We've collected 15 of those gems here.

You should probably listen to Streetz Iz Mine while you check over the list.