The beloved and thought-provoking brainchild of madcap brothers Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick & Morty has become an instant classic since its debut in 2013. With three seasons already in the books, Roiland and Harmon have been hard at work on the next installment, which is set to feature some of the zaniest episodes thus far; case in point, behold this table full of post-its, in which a glimpse at the creative process can be gleaned. Beware, some of them include: Rick's Day Care, Library Zoo, Jerry Gets Into Twitter Feud + Wins Now Someone Is Trying To Kill Him, Jerry Gets A Pinecone In His Butt, Bark-Nado, The People's (Basketball) Court, and Morty Buys A Boat.

Recently, the first images from the upcoming season arrived, indicating what we might come to expect on this go-around. Which is to say, not much. A planet full of hostile crocodiles, perhaps cousins of "Crocubot" of The Vindicators fame, and even more shockingly, a peaceful moment for Rick. Of course, said moment occurs on a serene yet oddly phallic planet, so expect the unexpected. 

Look for more news on Rick And Morty's fourth season during Comic-Con this weekend, where the series is scheduled for a panel. Are you excited for another dose of the time-traveling duo? Season 4 kicks off this November.