The ancient wisdom of bunning weed isn't lost on the hip-hop faithful, and thankfully so. Every 420, the ardent smokers within our community become shamans for one-day-only. This year's 420 falls on a day of rest, giving way to a ritual countdown free of paranoia. Free of the rush-rush e-mails you might encounter during a weekday. Just a whole lot of weed smoke in the general atmosphere, equating to a welcome confusion of sorts, will all the intermingling strains we've been introduced in the dawn of "boutique ganja."

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

The beauty of 420 is that it doesn't require you to fly off to Amsterdam or book a fancy ticket to the "Cannabis Cup" just to get in on the dynamism. Once you get your hands on the plug, you're but a few steps away from realizing your ideal 420 experience. That's where our Wake & Bake Playlist comes into play in rounding out the goodness.

This year's Spotify submission retains much of the irrevokable material from past issuances (this is our 3rd-year serving this public need). Songs like Wiz Khalifa's "Mezmorized" and Red & Meth's "How High" have become 420 standards, and hence they take valuable real estate on our Wake & Bake list. Several new additions to the yearly mix have come to pass, by artists like Mick Jenkins, Rico Nasty, Lil Baby and Valee. Hip-hop and rolling up go hand in hand, so why do without either precept.

So before so set up shop in a comfortable locale, give us your thoughts on our Wake & Bake picks, and tell us, what's strain are you going with this weekend? Happy 420, be safe.