From what we've heard of Kelly Rowland's new album Talk A Good Game, the singer is opening up much more than we've seen in the past. Specifically, on Kelly's single "Dirty Laundry" she vents about her relationship with Destiny's Child groupmate Beyonce, as well as an abusive relationship. Although it's Kelly's story, it was The-Dream who penned the words for the very personal track.

The-Dream is known for his work with many female singers, including both Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. The-Dream explains in a new interview with Mina SayWhat how he had to anaylze the two and their relationship together in order to hit the nail on the head for "Dirty Laundry"-- obviously, he was successful. 

"It wasn't as detailed as her telling me exactly what happened or whatever, a lot of these things, in a  psyche type of way I just kinda figured, and wrote about it, and hopefully just hitting it on the nail," Terius Nash explained.

He continued to talk about Kelly and Beyonce's relationship, "When you're watching Bey, of course that's my sister, and when you watch Kelly and this love that they have for each other, it had to be hard at one point, when I knew that you guys were not as close as you was for a certain reason. Whatever the reason was, it had to be hard."

The-Dream explained how Kelly and Bey had their ups and downs, but now the two are back on good terms. "Then to watch you guys now, great together, watching [Beyoncé's daughter] Blue, watch you play with Blue, take pictures and go back and forth and then enjoy this certain part of each other's lives...I wrote from that aspect of that hurt," he continued. "I took that emotion and pain in those times where it was just a dark period where none of us knew what was going on. I said, 'That's interesting. Let me see.' Then I did my own little detective work." 

The-Dream and Kelly Rowland were supposed to go on tour together, however Kelly had to reschedule due to an upcoming gig on "X Factor."

You can check out The-Dream's full interview below.