The-Dream is gearing up for the release of his long-awaited album, IV Play, which was pushed back three weeks recently. Nonetheless, it sounds like the r'n'b star is almost ready to release it, having revealed some of the features on the album yesterday. Today The-Dream hit up Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club for a conversation about his infamous Grammy outfit, working on Jay-Z's album, and of course IV Play, among other things.

The-Dream's choice of headwear at The Grammys definitely had people scratching their own head. It also blew up the Twittersphere when Jay-Z made a joke about it as they were accepting their Grammy award on stage. The-Dream didn't seem too rattled by it on stage though, and it was all in good fun according to the singer. "Truthfully, to me, that's just how we joke around all the time, unfortunately, instead of in our living room it was in everybody else's. If you don't know us like that, 'cause nobody thinks of Dream and Jay like we know each other, or even kid like that, so it's like 'oh he dissing somebody he doesn't really know.' Actually he just had a really good joke at really good timing, and I just served that up for him," The-Dream explained.

The-Dream added that the awkwardness which occurred when him, Jay and Frank Ocean accepted their Grammy was probably also in part due to all the alcohol they had been consuming. "We were drinking in the front the whole night, so we wasn't ourselves all together anyways," Terius Nash said.

Apart from creating music for his own career, The-Dream is also working on big albums for both Beyonce and Jay-Z, as well as Kanye West. When asked about Hov's new album, the r'n'b hit-maker didn't say much, but he did give Hova props. "It's pretty amazing that this guy's still at it like this," Dream said, "Man, that's all I could say." He confirmed that they had been in the studio with Timbaland as well, before speaking on Timb's resurgence in the game.

Finally, the four got to talking about The-Dream's IV Play, and the singer confirmed the push back was of his own doing.  He explained, "Yeah, pushback I guess has a negative ring to it. It's because I have the date that I want to do things, and then I may start working on something for Kanye and it takes, instead of two weeks, four weeks, and I have to push it back. It's not like I don't wanna come out."

He also spoke on the album's namesake song, which he said, "really defines what The-Dream albums were all about." He continued, "'IV Play' is a really great record. It really is. I try to define records by how good they are, if somebody else did this record and I didn't do it I would be a little bit touched and upset."

Cop IV Play when it drops on May 28th. Check out The-Dream's interview with The Breakfast Club in two parts below.