Many people are anticipating and wondering if Jay Z and Kanye West will follow up the mega successful Watch The Throne with a second installment. The-Dream, who is affiliated with both rappers, and had a part in the first album, shared his thoughts on whether or not we'll see a Watch The Throne 2 in a new interview.

The producer gave his opinion on artists giving fans what they want when it comes to music, and how sometimes less is more. Nonetheless, he thinks 'Ye and Jay will probably make a second album one day. "I can芒聙聶t really speak on that," the r'n'b singer said in reference to a WTT2.脗聽"Hopefully, it is. It would be crazy not to do another one, in my mind.脗聽But also just to make芒聙聰it芒聙聶s almost one of those things where you know it芒聙聶s gonna be a day when they stop making all the retro Jordans. You know it芒聙聶s gonna stop. And you芒聙聶re gonna be so mad, but you芒聙聶re gonna be so grateful that you lived in that time that it was made. You know, in a time where people just get what they want all the time it actually would probably be more impressive that they don芒聙聶t do it. To me, just looking at it from just a musician standpoint and just the purest of music, that they don芒聙聶t do it芒聙娄and just leave it what it is. But, you know, they're probably gonna do it."

During The-Dream's interview with Montreality the singer also spoke on going to high school with Andre 3000, "I just ran into Andre not too long ago," he revealed. "Me and Dre went to high school like back in the day. I think I was in a couple of grades lower than him or whatever at that particular time at Washington High School. I think he was trying to get his credits to graduate and I was in 11th grade trying to get my credits to graduate from eleventh to twelfth. That whole city芒聙聰everybody knows each other at the end of the day."

The singer also spoke on a new book he's writing, "Seeing Red," explaining the concept behind the title, as well as his current projects on the table. "I'm working on this Nicki album before the fans kill me. I'm working on my own contemporary album," The-Dream explained. "So there's three albums I'm working on for myself. One is a record that's gunna be, more so an EP, it's only gunna be on a 12-inch so if it gets on the internet, it's gunna be because people literally had to record it from a record player."

He added, "I definitely gotta make sure Coldplay ends up on my next album though. That'll probably be the only feature on my next album."

Watch the full interview below.