The-Dream was on Ebro's Hot 97 show to promote his triple-album effort in 2018, and his goals for 2019. With the conversation veering towards his producorial efforts on other people's projects, things started heating up at once. At the 24:36 mark of the interview/video, Ebro asks The-Dream to comment on the status of Rihanna's rumoured 2019 album and to his credit, he got an answer.

"She's cooking, she's about done," The-Dream responded while also confirming that he was involved in the process. But when Ebro asked him to elaborate on the process, he wound up running the conversation off the road. The-Dream nevertheless told Ebro (and his audience): "she's about done. super close," before closing shop.

Ebro would also press The-Dream on the subject of Beyonce's current musical endeavours, the producer admitting that although the former Destiny's Child frontwoman is up to something, he doesn't know what.. or whether she's moved past the conceptual phase of planning. "She's doing something," he tells Ebro. "I actually haven't talked to her about it, I've talked to the team about it because it's kind of just being coordinated. But she's doing something."  

To cap things off, The-Dream spoke candidly about the R. Kelly allegations, a conversation that segued into a chasm of self-recognition. The singer/producer, who's been silent for most of the hoopla, declared himself the modern "King of R&B" several weeks after the discussion reached its boiling point.