After Jay-Z's much-talked about "Swap Meet" joke at the Grammys, The-Dream predicted Hov might have to give the R&B singer some work to make up for the comment. It seems like Dream's theory was right, as him and Jay are currently working on "a little something," in the studio.

Dream, who won his Grammy for The Throne's "No Church In The Wild", and co-wrote multiple tracks on Beyonce's last album, said that the couple expects secrecy from their collaborators.

"It's so hard because on one hand, I'm really always anxious and excited about new music with everybody that I'm working with. On the other hand, they're always A-List, high-profile, so nobody really wants them to know," he said. "So it's hard for me to actually explain what I'm working on, when it's coming."

As far as Hova softening up a bit after becoming a father, Dream says Blue Ivy has actually had the opposite effect on the rap legend. "Nah, I think he's gotten a little bit more gritty," he said.

The Love King also talked a bit about where Jay's head is at right now in terms of rapping. 

"I think he's becoming more of a painting. It's just moving. It's just traveling through time now," he said. "It's like when da Vinci drew something and you have to start looking at it like that."

"There's no way to be surprised again. If any one of us does anything great, it's hard to surprise you. You already have an expectation level that's so high," he reasoned. "So he's definitely more skilled and better than he was, but are you really surprised?"