Things aren't looking too good for The-Dream. As we reported on yesterday, the r'n'b singer posted bail at $20,000, after he turned himself into the police for questioning centered around domestic violence allegations from his ex-girlfriend Lydia Name. Terius Nash remained adamant of his innocence, alleging that Nam was falsely accusing him because her visa is about to run up.

Today though, Nam has fired back by releasing photos of her alleged beat down. She took multiple photos of her bruises following the alleged attack, the bruises appear on her arms, legs, and neck. She also took a photo of the newspaper from that day which clearly shows that it is April 2013. We've also received details of Nam's criminal complaint, which states that Dream "pulled and dragged her by her hair, choked her with a necklace she was wearing by twisting it tightly around her neck, kicked and punched her in the head and then grabbed her by the neck, pinning her to the wall and choking her again." He also allegedly told her he would kill her "like O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown."

We'll have to see how these photos affect the case. Check out some of them in gallery above, via TMZ.

Stay tuned for more updates.