The-Dream does not come across as the most violent person, at least in his music, which is mainly about love and baby-making, however there are some heavy claims coming from his baby mama right now that allege the r'n'b singer was abusive to her.

The NYPD are currently looking for the hitmaker, following claims from his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Lydia Nam. Nam says that in April 2013 at the Plaza Hotel, while she was still pregnant with their son, Terius Nash punched, kicked and strangled his girl. Dream insists these allegations are false.

For some reason, Nam only filed a police report about the alleged assault in November, and it's unclear if she ever received any medical attention. The police are currently looking for the producer to question him about the incident.

According to law enforcement sources, Nam filed similar domestic abuse allegations last June in Newport Beach, CA, however, she refused to press charges so the D.A. dropped the case.

We'll keep you posted on the outcome of this.

On a more positive note, the talented singer and producer released a new song and visual yesterday, addressing Donald Sterling's racist remarks, "BLACK."


[Update: The-Dream Has Turned Himself In]

In a surprise turn of events, The-Dream, AKA Terius Nash, has turned himself in for the alleged April 2013 attack on his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Namhis. According to TMZ's law enforcement sources, he walked into an NYPD precinct and surrendered earlier this morning. Nash had been wanted by police for questioning, and has now been charged with two felonies, strangulation and assault, as well as three misdemeanors - child endangerment, reckless endangerment and a further assault charge.

The-Dream was in custody as of press time. Stay tuned for further updates, folks.