More details have rolled in concerning The-Dream's on-going legal drama. As we reported on yesterday, the r'n'b singer turned himself into the cops for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend Lydia Nam. The singer was wanted by the police for questioning, and voluntarily walked into the NYPD precinct. 

He was booked for two felonies, assault and strangulation. He's since posted bail at $20,000 and was ordered to stay away from Lydia. A rep for The-Dream issued the following statement to TMZ, "Dream voluntarily surrendered to the Midtown North Precinct this morning in order to responsibly address the false allegations filed against him by Lydia Nam. He is innocent of the charges filed against him today."

Following his release, more details have been unearthed as to why his baby mama made such serious accusations against the producer and songwriter. Apparently the singer believes that Lydia Nam charged him with these accusations because her U.S. visa is about to expire-- and she's learned that there is a special visa available for victims of crime. Thus, The-Dream says she falsely accused him of punching, kicking and strangeling her in an attempt to stay in the United States. Nam, however, tells a different story, saying that The-Dream was abusive on multiple occasions. She says the reason she waited seven months to file a police report was because she's scared of him.

Stay posted for more updates on this situation.