The-Dream came through Sway's Universe to dish on his new music. Given the artist's experience in the game, Dream was asked to offers his insights into legal situations public figures may be susceptible to. Sway cited Chris Brown and Nelly as some of the artists who have been involved in sexual assault cases and asked the "Falsetto" singer how he has been able to "fend off" these types of allegations that make for sensational headlines while tainting artists' names. 

"Number one. You go into the fire." The-Dream began. "Number two, you wake up knowing you're a target." He clarifies that this is a fact whether the accused is guilty or not. The songwriter continues his explanation with the non-sexual scenario of hosting a party by the pool. "I recognize that someone could've slipped or tried to slip and you get that letter tomorrow." He later adds that many of these lawsuits are an "American thing" that could hardly ever benefit the accused. "What do I get from you if I countersue?"

He recalls the time he was accused of stealing a song and opted to "go into the fire" and pay his legal team 1.2 million for his defense rather than offer the plaintiff a settlement. The artist also explains the difference between an admin deals versus publishing deals. View the full clip below.