The-Dream is facing a major lawsuit over a car crash that happened in Georgia, although the R&B singer denies even being there at the time of crash.

TMZ reports that Elaine Nowells filed the lawsuit in Georgia, claiming that one of The-Dream's record label employees, Patrick Thall, t-boned her car while running a red light at a four-way intersection in June of 2010. Nowells claims that the crash was very brutal, and her car turned on its side and slid down the street.

Nowells claims she broke her back because of the accident, as well as suffered other mental and physical pains. She says her medical expenses went through the roof because of permanent injuries as well.

Nowells filed the lawsuit against Thrall, but listed The-Dream and his company as a defendant. She claims that since Thrall was on duty at the time, they can all be held financially responsible.

The-Dream responded to the suit, claiming Thrall does not work him: "Pat Thrall Is NOT an EMPLOYEE of Radiokilla Records, IDJ, or any of its affiliate companies. He is an independent contractor (engineer) who was on the way to his hotel when the accident occurred. We are sorry to hear about her injuries and we hope she gets better." 

He added, "We are almost certain that her attorneys put pressure on her to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, that's the NEW American Dream. Can't win in life, sue someone who can."