A few weeks back The-Dream reappeared to let his many fans know that he's working on three albums that will be available by the end of the year, arriving on December 21st. He accompanied the big news with a message letting us know that he "never f*cking left" which makes us assume he's been taking in all that 2018 was musically, waiting for his own time to shine. 

The "Shawty Is Da Shit" music maker has now dropped off the official track list for all three of his LP's titled Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3. 

“On December 21st, all artists that want that smoke go find a bunker… hide!,” Radio Killa said. “This ain’t church R&B ni**a. I changed that 10 years ago. Don’t show your face until the storm has blown over. I am out of my fucking mind!!! 38 songs, no fillers! Three complete bodies of work.”

The tracklist looks to have zero features and the 38 songs (40 including the two interludes) ties in exactly with the name of the tape, as all titles allude to bedroom happenings. 

Check out the full list below, are you guys hyped for this?

Volume 1:

1. “Hardcore Pleasure”
2. “No Rappers Allowed”
3. “Forever”
4. “Challenger”
5. “Back In Love”
6. “Night Thang”
7. “Tuxedo”
8. “On the Regular”
9. “Platter”
10. “Top”
11. “Hell Mary”
12. “Life”
13. “It’s Yo Birthday”
14. It’s Yo Birthday (Live Interlude)”

Volume 2:

1. “Temptation”
2. “Bedroom”
3. “Nda”
4. “Ready”
5. “Pull Out”
6. “Change You”
7. “Gorgeous”
8. “Make It Rain”
9. “Yours and Mine”
10. “I Like”
11. “Rise”
12. “What It Look Like”

Volume 3:

1. “Drop Some New Sh*t (Intro)”
2. “Drop Some New Sh*t”
3. “Super Soaker”
4. “You and I”
5. “Runaway Sex”
6. “Human Beings”
7. “Gimmie That”
8. “The Paris of the West”
9. “Nikki’s Dialogue”
10. “You”
11. “Everytime I Kill Her”
12. “Back to My Room”
13. “U Got a Fan”
14. “Body Fall”