For a rapper who deals almost exclusively with standard trap topics-- drugs, violence, brotherhood, and sex-- Future's in his feelings a considerable amount of the time. His caterwauling, damaged voice has become one of the most emotive instruments in music today, saturating every bar with his current state of mind and often making his mixtapes feel like extended mood pieces. Triumph, struggle, regret, love... they all have their place on at least one of Future's nine solo tapes. 

Back in November, we already ranked eight of these tapes, and now with the addition of Purple Reign, we're looking back on their distinct characteristics, as filtered through a definitive song from each. By "definitive," we don't mean best, but rather the defining track, the one that's most indicative of where Future's ass was at at the time of the tape's release. For an example, it's pretty tough to say anything else on Monster tops the epic "Codeine Crazy," but its sorrow and remorse don't accurately represent the breakup-fueled rage and nihilism of many of the other tracks.

As we did with the ranking of the tapes, we're only counting projects where Future delivers 50% or more of the vocals. That means no Free BricksFBG: The MovieWATTBA, etc.