It's good to see people coming together on the internet instead of tearing each other down. Last week, Daily Mail broke the story of Geoffrey Owens, The Cosby Show actor who played Elvin Tibideaux, working at a New Jersey Trader Joe's. A couple spotted the actor bagging groceries, and took a few pictures of him. Owens looked like a man hard at work, meaning he was in less than pristine condition when the photos were taken. The story was picked up by several news outlets, including HNHHI take full responsibility for the piece, which highlights Owens' new job as a step down from his days of acting. While Owens isn't attacked on a personal level in the piece, many readers here at HNHH were dissatisfied with the coverage. To be fair, the article only references the downgrade of pay and celebrity status, but never attacks Owens' hustle and work mentality. We all have to eat, right? 

HNHH wasn't the only media site to get bundled up into the internet's combined efforts to defend Owens. Celebrities such as Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and personality Tami Roman took to Twitter to defend Owens along with the thousands of other aggravated users.