So it turns out that while the Cool Kids have been working on their upcoming reunion album, they’ve also been working on a new comedy series as well called the “Shit Show.”

On Tuesday, Sir Michael Rocks took to twitter to make the announcement & release the show’s official trailer, which looks hysterical. In it, we see Mikey starring as “Lance Bingemton,” a news reporter who rocks a blonde wig & mustache "reporting live from the Goddamn street," looking like something out of a 70’s broadcast or Ron Burgandy.

Unfortunately, nothing else is really known at this time, other than it’s “censored content” & created by Jimmy Regular, but there is an official twitter account for @ShitxShow already which launched on Tuesday that should keep us up to date moving forward.

Check out the trailer for the “Shit Show” below, and we’ll continue to keep you posted on any further details as they come available.