The anticipation for Thanksgiving has been felt across the hip-hop community. Much in the same way that there is often mass excitement for a particular mainstream artist's album drop, the feeling was similar in the week leading up to this coma-inducing day. The day has finally arrived, and the excitement likely won't die down until bellies are so full that the only natural thing to do is to go to sleep. With that being said, we're seeing celebrities and common folk alike already commencing the social media-sharing of what their own Thanksgiving Day feast is going to look like, if you're Diddy, it's bound to be lavish and over-the-top (with a personal chef in tow), whereas some prefer to have a more lowkey, homestyle affair. Then there are the roles that each family member might play -- are you solely responsible for sitting on the couch and conversing with extended family members, biding your time until the turkey is cooked, or are you in the kitchen, working your wrist? Whatever your role is today, we've compiled a Cooking Playlist especially for Thanksgiving, that'll set the mood.

There's obviously a healthy amount of wrist-work and bird-talk inspired songs here, but there are also some soulful, family-driven and motivated offerings. The playlist itself will take you through some ups and downs, some bangers might feel appropriate as you lead up to the turkey's final minutes in the oven, whereas post-dinner, you might be more into the softer, lulling songs to help digest the food and ultimately, put you to sleep.

There's a little something for everyone here, as we've rounded up some choice songs from a variety of artists: Slaughterhouse, Kanye West, J. Cole, Young Thug, Joey Bada$$, Mary J. Blige, Anderson .Paak, Rick Ross and many more. We also went literal, and non-literal, as you can clearly tell by the song picks below.

Happy Thanksgiving from the HNHH team, and we hope this soundtracks your cooking/chilling plans for the day!!