The controversial On the Record documentary has aired on HBO Max, and Russell Simmons is ready to speak his truth. For years, the Def Jam icon has been a leading voice in the music industry, but recently, his name has been entangled in controversy. For some time, Russell Simmons has stood accused of rape and sexual misconduct, and while many of the stories are from decades ago, his alleged victims have joined forces and come forward to share their stories.

Dozens of women have accused Simmons of sexual assault, and after it was shared that One the Record, a doc that highlights the story of former music executive Drew Dixon and others, would be seen by the masses, Simmons vehemently denied the allegations against him. He even went toe-to-toe with Oprah Winfrey who was an executive producer of the documentary before bowing out over what she said were creative differences.

On Tuesday (June 9), DJ Envy shared that Russell Simmons would be joining The Breakfast Club for a chat on Wednesday (June 10) morning. This was something that didn't sit well with accuser Sil Lai Abrams who has repeatedly shared her story that Simmons raped her in 1994. Simmons denied the allegations.

"Please explain this @breakfastclubam @cthagod @angelayee @djenvy Why? Why do you carry water for this man? Why now? Why are you so tone deaf? You're all complicit in ensuring that Black women's right to bodily autonomy continues to be denied. You're also rape apologists," she penned on Twitter. She wasn't the only one to call out the radio show. Check out a few harsh reactions below.