The world at large is now generally in the know about August Alsina's affair with Jada Pinkett-Smith. At first, this was the stuff of simple gossip and rumours, without much legs to stand up on, but recently, the allegations returned to the spotlight and became even more serious when Alsina himself confirmed them. Still, Alsina's reveal of the romance with Jada has not yet been addressed properly by Mrs. Pinkett-Smith.

The internet, obviously, went wild when August first revealed that he and Pinkett-Smith had an affair, and that it was reportedly given the 'OK' by Will Smith. Today, the internet is having yet another field day, now that Jada and Will have both come to the infamous Red Table to have a talk about what actually went down with Alsina.

jada pinkett smith will smith red table talk

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

As Jada says in the new video, their relationship began as an extremely close friendship which mainly revolved around his health and family issues, of which there were many. Still, at the same time this was happening, Will and Jada were going through a separation. "I really felt like we could be over," Will said, to which Jada replied, "No we were over." The rest, as they say, is history. "I got into a different entanglement with August."

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