Gucci Mane has released nine projects this year. We don't have to check-- that's more than any other rapper. He also happens to be in prison. Last year, he released 14 projects from the pen, making a cool $1.3 million, and he's on pace to topple those numbers this year. 

He's feeding his fans, he's feeding the streets-- though who knows if he's actually the mastermind behind any of this. No matter when these tracks were actually recorded, they're still among the hottest out. 

If anything, big GuWop La Flare is putting out too much music. Not to worry, though; we've listened to all the Gucci projects and rounded up the best tracks he's given us this year. His mixtapes are also a showcase of some of the hottest talent in ATL and beyond, undoubtedly inspired by Gucci and doing their best to keep his legacy alive while he's locked up.  

Anyone else keeping up with Mr. Zone 6's every move? Share your favorite tracks in the comments.