Yesterday, Kanye West tweeted, and as usual, the Internet crumbled to shreds. Last month, Kanye tweeted a picture (of what looked like an album cover) with the words: So Help Me God. Rather than a cry for help, we took 'Ye's words to be the title of his upcoming album, which he plans to release this year--of course, he won't tell us when. His latest tweet did disclose, however, that So Help Me God is no longer the name of his next album. The current title: SWISH

In true Kanye fashion, he warned us he "might change it again." For now, though, SWISH it is. This isn't the first time we've seen Yeezy throw out a SWISH on Twitter. In mid-March, Kanye tweeted out eight pictures of his naked wife from a yet to be released photo shoot, and wrote "SWISH" (with several exclamation points) on half of them. 

So, will 'Ye's next album capture the energy 'Ye feels when he sees Kim naked? "All Day," yes; "Wolves," not so much. Soon after we posted about Yeezy's name change, our users seemed to suggest that SWISH might pose a deeper meaning--an acronym perhaps. Some of y'all created some insightful titles we suspect Kanye would stand behind. Then came the trolls... some of who should be praised for their creativity just the same. 

Last, our staff came up with a few of our own acronyms. 

Check out the list, vote on your favorites, and keep using your imaginations to decode what SWISH could possibly mean.