Dragon Ball Super is everything Dragon Ball GT was not, but the series will come to an end soon. Akira Toriyama, the creator the Dragon Ball franchise, had no creative input on GT, and the series' bold aspirations were ill-conceived without him. GT is neither a prequel to Super, nor a sequel to Dragon Ball Z, and it survives on an alternate plane of existence. One that most Dragon Ball fans refuse to acknowledge. Toriyama returned almost two decades after the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z, arguably his best work, to finally continue the story of Goku.  

Dragon Ball Super has been an intense ride since it premiered in 2015. The expansion of new forms, like Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue, revamped the power scale for the series. Super Saiyan Blue is the result of a Saiyan reaching the form of Super Saiyan God, and then further transforming into a Super Saiyan one, effectively combining the forms. The power boost allowed Goku to compete with The Gods of Destruction.  

The Gods of Destruction are supreme beings that work opposite of the Supreme Kais. While the Kais restore life to the galaxy, the Gods of Destruction do exactly what their name implies. Toriyama increased the stakes by adding multiple universes into the storyline, which gave the creator a deep pocket of characters and villains to play with. He does just that, introducing new enemies and allies in tournaments that create a full cast of supporting characters that aren't just screen space.  

Even with the new additions to power levels and universes, Toriyama does remain true to elements that are reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z.  One such element is the return of Future Trunks, who once again warns his allies of an enemy from the future that must be stopped. Since Dragon Ball Super's releases don't follow regular American season schedules, fans separate the episodes by sagas. Currently, Super is on their fifth, and seemingly last, saga. We looked back on all the episodes that were essential to the series' flawless resurrection, and each saga has a moment that took the series to the next level.

Arranged in order, this is a list of the best moment in each Dragon Ball Super saga.