You knew Drake's Scorpion would generate a brainstorm of memes, like on the scale of factory going out of business. All the heat over his head, the battle scars and the reopening of a cold case, that of his rumoured child, it all gets put to use in the right hands. The Internet didn't spare Drizzy a bogey or a single nicety. If you're a Drake fan, turn away now or scroll to the very end where your allies are being held.

First off, Jay-Z's association with the project. He and Drake were supposedly miffed with each other, but maybe less so than with Kanye West, who person who really managed to get on their bad sides. Truth be told, Jigga jumping on "Talk Up" is a massive coup even for Drizzy. Hov's cultural critique in one broad stroke left the Internet aghast when they heard it, the endnote of "Y'all killed X and let Zimmerman live, shhh, s-streets is done" in particular.

Of all the personal prejudice Drake addressed on Scorpion, it was his public acknowledgement of Adonis which resonated first among the near-misses. The initial shock of his admission subsided into careful ribbing, rather quickly.


Utter shock.

This meme-maker doesn't buy Drake's argument for a second. "Hiding whom from whom?" he asks. Maybe people-pleasing and cavernous Internet behaviour are closer related than we ever thought.

I think it's safe to say a few meme-makers were unwilling to give Aubrey or his album a fair shake, before getting started.

The meme-hate was inevitable considering Drake was rather critical of Social Media, or how it negatively impacts human interaction. We know why "Social Media" has become a sore spot, but does it inherently matter to anyone under the 3K threshold of followers?

But you knew Drake supporters would chime in eventually. Sometimes the opinions of a few well meaning individuals become the voice of resistance, almost unassumingly. Cheers.