K CYA 2018!! ðŸ¥³ðŸ¥³ðŸ¥³

It's almost time to bid farewell to the past year and usher in a new one. People have already begun "the process," that is, reflecting on what 2018 brought forth and how 2019 will be different. This is happening across social media, and even if you're not the type for public forums of rumination, you've likely begun thinking about this internally. 

Self-improvement and growth is always a good thing, but we'll save that for tomorrow. Today, we just want to make sure your New Year's Eve party is the most lit, ever. It's as simple as that. We've curated a complete 2018's hip-hop and r'n'b playlist to act as tonight's DJ. Look no further than our Spotify embed below.

The playlist is not only extra fire (even more fire than FIRE EMOJI, dare we say??), it also doubles as a sort of recap from the past year, with songs from a number of different faces and styles that made an impact this year. We want this to be a no-skips playlist, from the first second you hit play on The-Dream's "I Like," to help warm up the party and prep the mood (bangers to come!!), to the very end, when you close out the night with the appropriately-titled "R.I.P." from Playboi Carti. It is not a coincidence. 

Enjoy the playlist below, and leave a comment letting us know where you will be ringing in the New Year from!! 

Happy New Year from the entire HNHH team 💗💗💗.