It's pretty hard to keep a secret, but Drake *almost* managed the feat yesterday with his surprise mixtape drop, Dark Lane Demo TapesA rumor that a Drake project was dropping only kicked off towards the end of the day, and several hours later, it was no longer a rumor, as the mixtape was across streaming services.

It seems like Drizzy's been wanting to do a bit of file clean-up and fan-pleasing in the process, as this is the second project Drake has released that's really a collection of loosies and leaked tracks. Care Package dropped last year, and featured another mixed bag of pre-album loosies that previous to then, weren't available on DSPs.

The Playboi Carti-featured "No Pain 1993" in particular leaked over a year ago, and ever since, fans have been wondering if it would appear on the elusive Whole Lotta Red. Nope, it's here.

Drake also included his recent "Chicago Freestyle" with Giveon, that found interpolating Eminem's "Superman" flow much to fans' delight. 

Of course, a new Drake albums means first and foremost new captions for your IG page/tweets. Not that Drake would approve, as he raps on the "War" finale: "You niggas spend too much time on captions, not enough time on action"

We can help, at least, so you don't spend as much time on your captions-- we've rounded up the most quotable Drake-y lyrics for you in the list below. 

Thank us later.

Drake lyrics dark lane demo tapes

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“Deep Pockets”

  • I can't do that normal type of life, is it just me? / Niggas steady try to ride the wave, but it's rough seas

  • Pyramid schemes just like the Egyptians / Back when hotlines were still flipping

  • Mindin' my business, building a business, et cetera / Inspired by a few, but my mind really drives itself like Tesla

“When to Say When”

  • Half the time, I question my consciousness in this shit / Other times, I question if compliments are legit / Full-time, I'm out here confident as a bitch

  • Always move right so my watch is on the other hand

  • I'ma tell you what you feel next like the weatherman  

  • And I got your girl on the second floor, begging me to put it in / And it's not because all of the money that you wouldn't spend / And it's not because I set it up to try and get revenge / It's because you niggas insecure, you ain't made men / It's because even though you hate on me, we stay friends / It's because you niggas never learn when to say when

“Chicago Freestyle”

  • I done plenty sinning in the past / You don't need to know, but you can ask

“Toosie Slide”

  • Got so many opps, I be mistaking opps for other opps


  • How the fuck you keep so many secrets? / How you goin' vegan, but still beefin' with me again? / How the fuck you've seen so many beaches?

  • Nice guys always finish off where they started

“Time Flies”

  • I could be your man but maybe down the road / Right now I would rather see my heart turn to chrome / Rather see my heart turn crystal / I can't even front like I don't miss ya


  • Wrote this with a Cartier pen, do I sound different? 

  • Gotta supermodel, wanna be a down missus / All my niggas, they be on them out-of-town missions

  • I've been pop, whippin,' wrist is on another rhythm


  • I remember grade six, I was up in Payless tryna get some Asics / Now I'm Nike'd down in a motherfuckin' snake pit / Now I'm type of nigga give it out and I don't take shit 

“Pain 1993”

  • When I shoot my shot it's the Kawhi way, it's goin' in

  • Used to be an antisocial nigga, now I’m makin' friends


  • I've been fortunate enough to have it my way / I'm a fortune teller, listen to what I say

  • How you feelin' in your soul since you sold that?

  • Like I'm tryna show the waves, this is no cap / You sold me up the river, but I rowed back / You put me on the road without a roadmap / I'm not tryna make no song, these are cold facts

  • I do it for the fam, but still fuckin' Uncle Sam / I tried to change for you, but that wasn't who I am / Even when being real is out of fashion
    / Niggas keep stealin' my style, now we out here matchin'

  • I took you up under my wing and you just stayed there / You was supposed to grow some wings, get your own pair
  • When I visit my last place is the only time I'm in last place / See me these days, I never got on a sad face

  • You drove a nigga crazy, but I drove back / You wrote me off and then you never wrote back

“From Florida with Love”

  • I let that shit slide, I got everything / I could lose it all if I'm reactin' to the petty things / Know that if I see you, I'ma ask you if you said them things

  • Moral of the story is the story finished us / Damn, and you know that lesson stuck / I would never leave, but I could, though


  • Tell them again, loved her way back when / Drunk so I type "Je t'aime" but don't hit send

  • My TD Bank is on Kylie


  • I don't cop things for resale, don't do iCloud, don't do email

  • You niggas spend too much time on captions, not enough time on action