The highly anticipated film The Batman starring Twilight’s Robert Pattinson has had fans excited since news of its inception. 

Stills leaked on Tuesday are speculated to originate from a promotional calendar for the unreleased movie. The images provide a first look at the Riddler, played by indie actor Paul Dano. The actor, who was previously overshadowed by Pattinson’s powerhouse name, is now greeted with excitement from fans awaiting his performance as the seemingly new and improved Riddler.

In the original comics and 60s TV adaptation of Batman, the Riddler was depicted in a whimsical fashion. Although he was supposed to be mysterious and haunting, he sported a loud neon green suit decorated with question marks.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves presents the Riddler as a much darker foe in this film, drawing direct inspiration from the infamous Zodiac Killer. In the leaked images, the Riddler is shown wearing a mask almost identical to the Zodiac Killer’s horrifying disguise.

The bold move away from the previously established design of the character has only added fuel to the fan-fire. Many Batman lovers took to Twitter to share their excitement with the changes. 

More promotional materials from the movie were also released on Tuesday, giving fans another look of Pattison as Batman.

The movie is expected to be released March 4, 2022. 

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