In June Game took to Instagram to go off on his former baby-sitter, whom he claimed had sex with her boyfriend while at his house taking care of his kids, and left condom wrappers everywhere, yelled at the children, among other things. Game was obviously fuming about the situation when he posted the note, along with a photo of the girl, on his Instagram, and so perhaps after he calmed down he decided to remove the post.

Nonetheless, the effects of that post are being felt, as the baby-sitter, Karen Monroe, is reportedly suing the rapper for defamation. AHH reports that Monroe's lawsuit claims that Game's rant was posted on multiple outlets and publications, and "numerous individuals have decided to send Plaintiff death threats, ridicule her, accuse her of crimes, express their hatred for her, harass her, and hold her out for scorn and contempt."

Monroe alleges that her recent depression, inability to get hired and thus unemployment was a result of Game's Instagram tirade.

See Game's original Instagram post in the gallery above.