Avengers: Endgame is around the corner, and it will undoubtedly be one of the highest grossing movies of all time. We saw half of the heroes turn into dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. That moment has been ingrained into fans' minds, a devastating instance in cinema history where the villain actually wins and the heroes are left in shambles. Still, we know that Disney and Marvel will find a way to bring back the fallen heroes. There is already a Black Panther sequel in the works, and Spider-Man: Far From Home is hitting theaters this Summer. Two heroes we saw perish, but their imminent return gives fans hopes for the future. They will be back... but how?

That is the million dollar question, isn't it? Before you dive into Endgame though, it's time to brush up on all the characters. The list of active (and dead) Avengers is long, but not to worry. We have the entire list right here for you.

From Iron-Man's first film all the way to Captain Marvel's latest adventure, we have included all the heroes that have fought to save the world, and the galaxy. We have even included the first time each character appeared on film (their first movie appearance, not counting mid-credit/end credit scenes). Dive into the full Avengers roster below, and remember... We are in the Endgame now.