Nothing says Christmas like a giant purpled guy with a rock-solid Josh Brolin chin making have the people on Earth turn to dust, right? Great news! Ff you're wondering what to talk about this Christmas with a house full of family that doesn't have much in common other than blood, Netflix and Disney have solved your problem. The most recent Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War, is coming to Netflix on Christmas Day and judging by how much money it made (fourth most of all time), the whole family'll at least be able to sit through it. 

But also, savour this moment. Disney, who own Marvel and just about everything related to movies, have a deal with Netflix that expired promptly in 2019. Although Infinity War and movies that are already there will likely stay put, any new releases from any division of Disney–Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, to name but a few–will not be available on Netflix. 

Why is this? Disney is coming close to monopolizing the production of Blockbuster movies and now the realize that it's not enough to produce the product, they want to be the middleman too. The new Disney streaming service is called Disney+ and will start sometime in late 2019. All that we know about it for now is the little amount of info given by their website.