First, we thought it'd come out last week at an event where the Russo brothers, the directors of the last Avengers, were speaking. Then, some people thought it might come out on Monday, but that turned out to be the Captain Marvel trailer. After that, it was a sure thing that it'd be coming out today. But, something unexpected happened: George Bush died. 

The 41st president died at the age of 95 after serving in government his whole life, with one term as president from1989-1993. He lived long enough to see his son become president too, something LeBron James may achieve in the NBA if he keeps up this rate of consistency at such an old age. The funeral for George Bush, or any president, is automatically a national day of mourning and so it would be in bad taste to release the new trailer for a giant blockbuster movie on a day which is supposed to be reserved for grief.The announcement of this years Grammy nominations were also postponed.

A Tweet from Bush's spokesman: