There's a lot of bickering about lyrical content in today's rap game--well, that's always been the case. But old-headed purists argue, and will continue to argue, that today's lyricists lack the depth of their long gone favorite MCs. Of course, what you look for in a rapper depends on your personal taste. Sometimes, lyrics might take a back seat. Sure, "flow" is heightened with impressive wordplay, but many of today's most prolific rappers bang most of their buck with vocal cadence, pitching and stretching their voices to meld with a specific beat. The bare meaning of their words alone doesn't need to hold up to any analysis. Background shout-outs and ad-libs can be as big a part of vocal prowess as is conveying a message. Sometimes we're not in it to be enlightened, whether it be turnt up club raps or clique-reppin' street anthems. If you're a long-time hip-hop head, though, chances are you love a good story. The best do it with clever rhyme transitions, cryptic wordplay, and a total command of your eardrums (with a good beat to match). Hip-hop has always been a unique storytelling platform. These are the raps where you dial in, hold on to every word, and journey into the pages, fiction or non-fiction, of an MC's book on life.

Are compelling stories being told in 2014? Let's find out.