In an effort to make their sleek phones even slimmer, Apple is reportedly ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack on the upcoming iPhone 7. 

The rumors appear to be true considering a new connector for transmitting sound from the iPhone to headphones has been revealed, as Apple encourages their consumers to listen to their music via bluetooth or wireless headphones. 

Since Apple has acquired Beats By Dre, you can be sure they'll be coaxing iPhone buyers into purchasing the wireless Beats headphones now that the headphone jack is essentially being erased.

It is also being reported that the iPhone 7, which releases in September, will come with a new generation of "lightning-ready" headphones- meaning they can be plugged right into the charging slot, if wireless really isn't your style.

So the new iPhone is just getting rid of the headphone jack while Samsung is coming out with fully waterproof phones... that also have headphone jacks.

Will you still be lining up for that iPhone 7 in September or will you be making a switch when it's time for that upgrade?