The Alchemist has been in the midst of an incredibly prolific run these past few years. His catalog stems back to the 90s but his recent releases have been a testament to his timeless sound, especially after working with the current heavyweights in rap. Despite the acclaim and accolades, Alc' maintains a mysterious presence in the game. So much so that fans are in the midst of scouring through the internet for a lost tape, of sorts.

Matt Cowan/Getty Images

The legendary producer dropped a bombshell on his fans this morning revealing that he and another unnamed artist released an album under a fake name under a completely different YouTube page that no one has yet to discover. "We hid a whole album on youtube under a fake name and youtube page . Fake album cover, song titles, the whole 9. Nobody found it yet," he tweeted.

Fans immediately started tweeting links in the replies, though there are certainly a large amount of them who were simply trying to finesse his fans into checking out their music. 

It appears that the project in question was first teased as a collaborative effort with Earl Sweatshirt over two years ago. A fan dug up a tweet from Jan. 2019 where The Alchemist responded to a fan who asked when they would be able to get a collaborative body of work with Earl. "We did one and dropped it already under a fake name. Youtube. Go find it. You are the one," he wrote. 

Peep his tweets below.