During his interview on The Breakfast Club yesterday, Troy Ave was staunch in his claim that his music is strictly non-fiction: "I don't talk about nothing I don't got, I don't even be talking about Ferraris or Lamborghinis... I don't be fucking with shit like that." Evidently, though, this desire to keep it 100 at all times doesn't extend to his interviews.

Over the course of the 48 minute discussion, the BSB rapper made some very far-fetched claims that blurred the line between "cocky" and "delusional," touching on everything from his profits to his fashion sense. Of course, he was mainly there to clarify the seemingly paltry, ultimately misleading Major Without A Deal sales numbers we saw last week, but he somehow managed to overshadow that with his own outlandish claims. Read on to get the seven most ridiculous of these, so you don't have to sit through 48 minutes of Troy reiterating them over and over again.