Nicki Minaj broke a lengthy hiatus a week ago by showing up next to Ariana Grande in the outrageously sexy “Side to Side” video. But for those who forgot she’s still near the very top of the rap game, she showed up earlier today with her official return statement: "The Pinkprint Freestyle." She begins by rapping over the beat to the breakout hit from Young MA, "OOOUUU," which was recently remixed by Remy Ma. The six-minute track then segues into an interpolation of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" and finally plays out to the tune of Shabba Ranks' "Ting-A-Lang." 

"The Pinkprint Freestyle" presents some of Nicki's toughest bars -- along with the usual deranged banter in her British fembot voice. She goes all-out. Along the way, she introduces herself to Young MA, addresses taking the stand in Meek’s never-ending probation case, and executes a successful Harambe reference. She also scoffs at her female competitors for doing little to threaten her dominance in the interim since The Pinkprint, released almost two years ago. 

Here are 5 particularly stinging punchlines on “The Pinkprint Freestyle":  

5. "Chillin’ out in them Beverly Hill pads / I gave bitches time but they still mad"

4. "Testified for my n*gga to the DA’s face / One time for this super old PA case"

3. "Every time they count me out I be like 'you sane?' / Bitch I come back like Jordan in his flu game"

2. "You throw shade, but I sun bitch / And now you know what I’ma say: you my son, bitch"

1. "Bars for years, n*ggas thought I did a bid / I'm draggin' these hoes like Harambe did the kid"