If you don't jump around when "Party Up" comes on, you're no friend of mine. At the real clubs, DMX's 90s singles still get spun on repeat. The fact remains he's one of the best selling rap artists of all time. His first three records, two in '98 and one in '99, went 4x, 3x, and 5x platinum respectively. His first two album covers depicted him covered in blood. He brought an aggression to hip-hop that hadn't been seen and likely won't be matched anytime soon. Half-man, half-dog, he's just as known for his barks, growls, yells, and manic ad-libs as he is for lyrics. X hasn't had an easy life, and we feel it in his music. An abusive childhood in the worst part of Yonkers led to addiction problems at an early age. Even when he was releasing platinum records, he was a heavy user. He's been arrested a staggering 18 times. He's fathered 12 kids. His shit is crazy, need I say more? Though we haven't seen much music-wise since the beginning of the millennium, he's still been in and out of the media, mostly because of his outrageous on-camera behavior. The invention of YouTube hasn't always been kind to X, but, lucky for us, I doubt he knows what YouTube is. Here's a selection of some of his best gags on the web. Enjoy.